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Chapter News

  • New Members: Please Update Contact Information

    Hello New Sigma Members,

    Please take a minute to update your contact information with a personal email address and updated street address so the chapter can contact you for upcoming events. Many people initially sign up using their student Messiah email and their Messiah campus address, so please change that information if it applies to you.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Merkert

  • Welcome New Officers!

    Hello Sigma Members,

    Thank you for participating in voting for the new officers. Congratulations to the new officers! Here is a list of everyone on our chapter's board:

    President-Kaci Wood

    President Elect-Michael Roach

    Vice President-Pam Keller

    Treasurer-Brenda Elliott

    Secretary-Erin Lownsberry

    Leadership Succession Chair-Emily Mee

    Leadership Succession Committee-Jessica Merkert

    Governance Chair-Kyra Montgomery

    Governance Committee-Norma Davis

    Counselor- Rebekkah Stanko 

    The board members met last week and we are ready for a great year. Stay tuned for information about upcoming events happening in the fall and spring!

    Jessica Merkert 

  • Open Board Positions!

    Hello Sigma Members,

    Some of the current board members' terms of service are coming to a close. We are looking for new board members to join our team! We have the following positions available:


    Vice President

    Leadership Succession Chair

    Leadership Succession Committee Members

    Governance Chair Committee Members

    We meet on Zoom once a month in the evening for 1 hour. We plan volunteer events, fundraisers, plan the induction ceremony, and send delegates to Sigma conferences. Joining the board is a great way to increase your involvement in Sigma, help the community, and gain leadership experience. Please email me at jmerkert@messiah.edu if you are interested in one of these positions by May 15th.

    I hope to hear from you soon,


  • Congratulations to the new chapter members!

    Hello Sigma Community,

    We are thrilled to announce the induction of 20 new members to our chapter! We had an induction ceremony on Friday at Messiah University. The Keynote speaker was Dr. Kristen Shaub with a focus on transition to practice. Congratulations to all of our new members!

  • Volunteer Opportunity

    Hello Sigma Members,

    Our annual meeting is on January 31st from 7-8pm on Zoom. The theme is transition to practice. We are looking for a few volunteers to be on the discussion panel to talk to soon-to-be RNs and RNs about transition to practice and strategies to avoid burnout. If you would like to be a volunteer, please email Jessica Merkert at jmerkert@messiah.edu.

    Thank you!

Chapter Events

International Events

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