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    On behalf of the Officers and Members of the Delta Zeta Chapter, I would like to extend a "WARM AND HEARTY" welcome to our newly inducted members, reactivating members and members that have transferred into our chapter.
    Delta Zeta Chapter takes great pride in our cultural richness and diversity. Our chapter has members representing 35 nations.

    Delta Zeta Chapter has many activities planned for 2021 and we welcome your participation.

    Our monthly chapter meeting is held on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 1:30pm-3:30pm.
    SIGMA UPDATE- this is a communication that is sent to all Delta Zeta Chapter Members on the 1st or 2nd Day of each month which includes chapter meeting information.
    WISDOM NEWSLETTER-this is our chapter newsletter and serves a "RETENTION TOOL" which highlights activities, accomplishments, recognition of chapter members. It is published during the second week of each month and monthly meeting notice included as a reminder.

    Wanda Johnson MS RN
    Delta Zeta Chapter
  • Delta Zeta Chapter St. Vincent and The Grenadines Initiative

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    To: Wanda Johnson, President, Delta Zeta Chapter

    Members of Delta Zeta Chapter

    From: Judith Alves-Lewis

    Francilla Thomas

    Date: April 24, 2021

    Madam President, Members

    Through this correspondent, we would like on behalf of our country, St. Vincent and the Grenadines to thank you for your generous contribution to the Volcano Relief Drive.

    We purchased a wide selection of items, concentrating on toiletries, Depends for the older population, Diapers for the children.

    Attached are photos of some of the items purchased

    Again thanks for your prayers and support.

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  • Delta Zeta Chapter Trinidad and Tobago Initiatives

    1. Saturday 17th April: Participated in our block collection of donations for neighbors from St. Vincent & The Grenadines to aide with their volcano eruptions emergency relief.
    2. Saturday 24th April: Donated honor cords to the 2021 Sigma Theta Tau International Lehman College inductees, in honor of my mother: The Marjorie Anita Andrews Nursing Scholarship Award. 
    Dr. Patricia Ann McLean,
    Chair, Trinidad & Tobago Initiative

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  • Delta Zeta Chapter Inducts Nurse Leaders from The Republic of Sierra Leone

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    Delta Zeta Chapter is working with Nurses in The Republic of Sierra Leone in their quest to establish a chapter in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Here is a photo of the Delta Zeta Chapter Nurse Leaders.
    Delta Zeta Chapter welcomes our newly inducted Nurse Leaders from the Republic of Sierra Leone. Delta Zeta Chapter is working with Nurses in Sierra Leone in their quest to establish a chapter.

    Zainabu Sesay-Harrell, BSN MSN APRN
    Delta Zeta Chapter 
    Sierra Leone Initiative Chair 
  • Delta Zeta Purple Goes Red For Women's Heart Health Report

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    Delta Zeta held its annual Purple Goes Red for Women’s Heart Health event to raise funds for the American Heart Association (AHA) on February 19, 2021. We raised $300 on our Delta Zeta Go Red FUNraise site. The event was well attended and well received. It was a fun informational event. We played a heart health Jeopardy game that generated an additional $200. There were two game winners. Each winner received $50 and $100 was donated to AHA. The AHA received a total of $400 in donations.

    Thank you for your support

    Gwendolyn Lancaster Ed.D, MSN, RN

    Governance Chair

  • Sierra Leone Members

    Our 2020 members    Image result for sierra leone flag

    Delta Zeta Members! Please Welcome our members that have joined us all the way from the Republic of Sierra Leone- West Africa. They have been with us since February 2020. They also are my members of the Sierra Leone Nurses Association , our International organization having over 600 members establish March 1961. 

    Elizabeth K Lemor ( President of SLNA) 

    Christiana Masallay

    Mary Marko Fullah 

    Fall 2020 , We shall have more Members! 

    Please welcome them 💜🤍💜

  • Delta Zeta Chapter: Sigma Updated Statement in response to "Black Lives Matter Protests"

    As stated in a previous message,
    Delta Zeta Chapter has continuously embraced "Diversity and Inclusion". The Diversity of our Chapter Membership has strengthened us.
    In recent weeks in the United States,the "Unrest and Calls for Social Justice" increased worldwide.
    SiGMA MEMBERS were requesting a stronger response from SIGMA.
    I am including in this Delta Zeta Chapter Message the "Updated Sigma Statement in response to the request of SIGMA MEMBERS regarding the Black Lives Matter Protests" for all members to review:

     RE: Sigma response to Black Lives Matter protests

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    Posted 2 days ago

    In response to the recent protests against racism and injustice that have spread around the world, we heard your requests for a stronger organizational statement on this issue.

    Let us be clear: Sigma, its international board of directors, and its staff condemn the murders of Black Americans. We recognize the structural and systemic racism underlying the current issues represents a longstanding public health crisis. Black lives–of our patients, colleagues, fellow members, and humans worldwide–matter.

    Some historical information might provide important context. As a global organization, Sigma refrained in the past from commenting on country specific issues. We would never know about every issue of injustice; terminology and social climate differed from country to country. We adhered to the guiding principle that Sigma remain politically neutral. And, we cited our longstanding statement on diversity and inclusion because it, like our organizational values, has remained consistent.

    As the world embraced the current protests, we determined we could not stay silent. We hope this statement resonates with you. Because we believe actions speak louder than words, we further commit to the hard work of identifying and addressing barriers within our profession and society.

    In the weeks to come, you will hear about Sigma's contribution to change on this topic, including a new project to support nurse faculty from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We have more projects and plans in the works and we look forward to sharing with you as they become available.

    Beyond any organizational statement or action, Sigma members are our best ambassadors and advocates for change at the local, state, national, and global level. We encourage our members and chapters to advance your knowledge to become allies to our Black members, become civically involved in your communities, volunteer as nurse mentors to young Black people, and support Black-owned businesses and nonprofits seeking racial equality and social justice, among many other actions.

    As Sigma members, we encourage you to advocate for positive change within the society: Nominate Black and diverse researchers for the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame. Nominate Black and diverse nurses for international awards. Learn about and consider serving as a chapter leader, committee chair, or regional coordinator; perhaps stand for a position on the international board of directors. Sigma needs your wisdom and perspective in organizational leadership at every level.

    In closing, we reflect that our founders based the society on values they felt were critical to nursing: Love, courage, and honor.

    We wholeheartedly affirm our love for our fellow humans. We acknowledge the courage it takes to fight the systemic racism that affects our world, our profession, and our organization. We strive to do what is honorable to address these issues. We urge you as Sigma members to do the same.


    Ric Ricciardi

    President, Sigma

    Liz Madigan

    Chief Executive Officer, Sigma


    Richard Ricciardi PhD, CRNP, FAANP, FAAN
    Rockville MD
    United States
    Sent to all Delta Zeta Chapter Members by
    Wanda Johnson MS RN
    Lehman College
    Delta Zeta Chapter

     Original Message                                       

  • Delta Zeta Chapter: Sigma Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

    Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing-Delta Zeta Chapter was established at Lehman College , Bronx, New York in March 1980.

    We are celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year.
    The Officers and Members of Delta Zeta Chapter take great pride in our membership of more than 300 with representation from 34 countries.

    Delta Zeta Chapter has continuously embraced "Diversity and Inclusion". 

    The Diversity of our Chapter Membership has strengthened us.

    In recent weeks there has been unrest and calls for Social Justice worldwide.

    I am including  in this Delta Zeta  Chapter Message the "Sigma Statement of Diversity and Inclusion" for all members to review.

    Sigma Statement of Diversity and Inclusion

    Diversity of membership is what makes any profession stronger, and nursing is no exception.

    Since 1922, the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) has embodied the attributes of our founders: love, courage, and honor. We pride ourselves on being a diverse, inclusive global organization that does not discriminate, and we firmly believe diversity in our membership makes us stronger. Although we are a politically neutral organization, we take seriously our responsibility of ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment for our members worldwide. 

    Sigma remains committed to the value and active engagement of a global community of nurses. We represent fairness, equality, inclusivity, and respect by the very nature of our core tenets and are against any form of discrimination. We will continue to welcome and celebrate our members’ rich diversity as we always have. 

    Sigma will remain a voice within the US and world in support of our core values, including diversity and inclusiveness. We will continue to work collaboratively with members from all our global regions to fulfill our mission of developing nurse leaders anywhere to improve healthcare everywhere.

    In conclusion, It is my hope that each member of Delta Zeta Chapter would read this Chapter Message and continue to "INFUSE JOY".

    Wanda Williams-Johnson MS RN
    Lehman College
    Delta Zeta Chapter

  • Delta Zeta Chapter's 2020 Purple Goes Red For Women Update

    Our February 21, 2020 event was a success. Thank you everyone that participated. It is not too late to help us reach our $250 donation goal. We are currently at $205. You can still donate at
  • Delta Zeta Chapter's "Purple" Goes "Red" For Women

    Delta Zeta will sponsor its third annual "Purple Goes "Red" charity event in support of the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women on February 21, 2020. The event will be held at Lehman College's Music Building East Dining Room, 250 Bedford Park Blvd W, Bx, NY 10468 from 12:30P to 2:30P. We ask that attendees wear something RED on that day. You can donate to AHA "Go Red" at the event or online.

    Delta Zeta Chapter will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary :
    Lunch at the United Nations Delegate Dining Room
    Date: Wednesday March 11, 2020
    Time: 11:00am
    Cost: $70 per person
    Payment via Quick or Check Payable to Delta Zeta Chapter
    Deadline: February 18, 2020
    Attire: Business- Members requested to wear something  Purple or Royal Blue.
    Looking forward to your attendance,

    Wanda Johnson MS RN
    Delta Zeta Chapter






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