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  • Report on Biennial STTI Conference 2019, Washington DC

    Report on Sigma Theta Tau International Biennial Convention
    Washington, DC, November 16-20, 2019

    Hello Members,
    It was my pleasure to attend the 45th Biennial Conference as the Delta Omicron delegate. Chapters are required to designate 2 delegates and at least 1 is required to attend. Currently Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) has 543 members representing 35 countries. The room was filled with a diverse group of representatives from all the chapters, over 1000 were in attendance. The next biennial conference will return to Indianapolis, as it does every 4 years, in 2021.
    The year 2020 will be Delta Omicron’s 40th year as a chapter, first established in 1980. In order to meet the requirements for chapters, we must send a delegate to the biennial conference. Also, we must have 2 events per year, 1 business meeting and an induction ceremony. Currently, we have a fall research focused meetings, an April induction ceremony, and a business meeting typically in May or June. If you are interested in serving on a committee or as an officer, please e-mail President Deb Spoerner. The next election for officers and committees will be in September of this year.
    The conference consisted of poster and podium presentations. Also, there were various award ceremonies and a regional meeting. The presidential call to action for 2019-2021 was presented by the incoming president, Richard Ricciardi, PhD, CRNP, FAANP, FAAN. His message centered around the joy of nursing. “The ability to experience joy, enthusiasm, and renewed creativity in our practice setting (clinical, academic, research or policy) is fundamental to achieving Sigma’s vision of glabal nursing excellence.” All members were invited to join him in the “journey to infuse joy!” Dr. Ricciardi emphasized 3 elements:
    • Awareness means a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to fulfill our professional responsibilities and achieve our goals.
    • Balance and Purpose are required as we strengthen scientific, technical, and leadership expertise, but also find balance by taking care of ourselves, finding our own joy, and discovering motivating purpose.
    • Co-Creation includes relationship building, using team science, recognizing interdependencies, having a shared mental organizational model, taking pride in one’s work and instituting policy initiatives to support a joyful organizational culture. Dr. Ricciardi was a dynamic speaker with high expectations.
    Members may access the STTI website to obtain the full results of all the voting. Most significant to our chapter are the following: Angela Opsahl (IU) region 9 coordinator; Kenneth Dion is president elect (2021-2023); Karen Gorton is vice-president; Jose Alejandro is treasurer; and Carole Liske is Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee Chair.

    Delegates also voted on 6 amendments to the STTI bylaws.
    1.) Passed without discussion. Wording was changed to note that “the headquarters for STTI is incorporated in the state of Indiana.”
    2.) Failed to pass after discussion. Chapters would have been required to have a yearly induction ceremony in order to remain a chapter. With the closing of some institutions of higher learning, chapters affiliated with those institutions lose access to those students as members. This is happening nationwide and chapters are working to reorganize. The delegates believed that requiring an induction ceremony would add more stress to chapters struggling to reorganize and maintain their eligibility.
    3.) Passed with minimal discussion. This amendment allows delegates to vote electronically on Articles of Incorporation or if the scheduled House of Delegates can not meet due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, such as, visa issues or a catastrophe or something as simple as loss of power during a conference session.
    4.) Passed without discussion. This was simply a change in the numbering and organization of sub-sections of a specific bylaw.
    5.) Passed without discussion. The wording was changed to clarify the duties of the Regional Chapter Leaders and Coordinating Committee Chairs.
    6.) Passed without discussion. Specific steps were added to denote the process for removal of an elected standing committee member from office when the member’s behavior was not consistent with the mission values or expectations of the honor society.
    Besides the 2 days of business meetings, I was able to view poster presentations and attend several podium presentations. A few of these are listed.
    • Compassion Competence Among Nursing Students from Different Cultures
    • Conversations with Candidates
    • The How, What, and Why Behind Member Communication (Chapter Leadership Session)
    • Factors Associated With Successful Aging in the U.S.
    • Predictors of Suicidal Ideation Among Older Adults
    • Physical Activity Predicts Depression in Older Adults
    • Promoting Physical Activity Among Church Attending Apfrican Americans With Chronic Health Conditions
    • Reducing Medication Erros in the Clinical Setting Using Simulation Scenerios With Ambedded Errors and Distractions
    • Collaborate to Escape: Purposeful Gaming Simulation for Clinical Skills Attainment
    If you have any further questions, please contact me at rosskj@purdue.edu. Thank you for allowing me to represent the Delta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. Let’s plan to celebrate 40 years at the Induction Luncheon following the Helen R. Johnson Conference on Friday, April 3, 2020. Further information will be available in March.
    Karla J. Ross, MSN, ANP-BC, Governance Committee and Delegate #2 to Conference
  • April 2019 Induction Ceremony Photos

    We had a successful induction ceremony after the Helen R. Johnson Leadership Conference. There were about 110 present. Lausch Photography took pictures and you can review and order online if you wish. Just a note, in order to prevent copying, the tops of the pictures were chopped.

    It was a wonderful luncheon and we are very proud of our inductees. Thank you to our speaker, Kathy Widner, one of the 2019 Distinguished Purdue Alumni. Her background includes leadership and educational roles at Kaiser Permanente. Thanks to Elaine Hannigan, Janet Blossom, Deb Dye, Deb Spoerner, Rosanne Griggs, and Vicki Simpson for their assistance in making the induction ceremony successful. 

    Check out the photos at the URL below.

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