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  • Passing of Dr. Sherry Stein

    Alpha Tau Chapter mourns the loss of Dr. Sherry Stein.

    Her family has kindly requested that in lieu of flowers  to donate to her children's 529 account [Tiongson, code G6V-76V] via https://www.ugift529.com/A memorial fund was created by Nicole Martínez via gofundmeChapel Services:  Monday, November 21, 2022 at 11:45 AM, at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, 454 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick; with interment to follow at Washington Cemetery, South Brunswick. 

    Shiva Schedule
    :  Tiogson | Stein home - 6 Rowan Ct., East Brunswick, NJ 08816                                 November 21 - 3:00 PM thru 8:00 PM                                November 22 - 10:00 AM thru 8:00 PM                                November 23 - 10:00 AM thru 8:00 PM                                                        Debbie Stein | Jeff Lamoreaux - 14 Sunset St., South River, NJ 08882                                 November 24 - 10:00 AM thru 2:00 PM                                 November 25 - 10:00 AM thru 2:00 PM                                 November 26 - None scheduled                                 November 27 - 10:00 AM thru 1:00 PM
  • Congratulations to Dr. Avril Keldo - Mary Ann Rooney Award Recipient

    Join us in congratulating Dr. Avril Keldo in receiving the Mary Ann Rooney Award. She was recognized for her outstanding nursing mentorship throughout the years. 

  • Congratulations to George Henson III - Scholarship Recipient

    Join us in congratulating Mr. George Henson III in receiving Dr. Maureen Esteves Scholarship Award

    George Henson III

    George Salazar Henson, III is a senior at Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nursing. He decided to become a nurse after being inspired by his childhood experiences with nurses and his sister, who is also a nurse. Throughout his nursing school career, he has faced the challenge of holding many leadership roles and serving his peers, school, and community, all while navigating the challenging curriculum at Rutgers School of Nursing (RUSON) and maintaining a high academic achievement.

     Last year, he served as Secretary for both the RUSON Student Senate and the Rutgers Student Nurses' Association (RSNA). He is now the New Brunswick Vice President and RSNA’s Treasurer. He also serves as the Membership & Nominations Director and the Health Policy & Advocacy Director for the New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc. (NJNS). He has also been serving as a faculty-nominated peer tutor for his fellow nursing students since his sophomore year. Finally, despite his rigorous schedule, he continues to work as a nursing assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) after completing his externship this summer.

     He believes that discipline, tenacity, and grit are the keys to achieving one's dreams, goals, and success. He aims to graduate from college with high honors, work as a critical care nurse, and seek a higher education degree in the future. He envisions himself taking pride in becoming a Registered Nurse who instills hope and embodies compassion, empathy, and humanity.

  • Congratulations to Sol Angelica Muñiz - Publication

    Alpha Tau congratulates Sol Angélica Muñiz on her collaboration with the Panamerican Trauma Society's first Nursing Trauma Injury Manual.  The publication was first printed in Portuguese with near-future printing in English and Spanish.  Ms. Muñiz wrote chapter 18, Trauma Program Manager.


  • Congratulations to Dr. Kara Kaldawi - Publication

    Congratulations Dr. Kaldawi on your recent publication, 

    " The Effects of a Clinical Coaching on Clinical Faculty's Coaching Behaviors", is available in the January 2022 Teaching and Learning in Nursing Journal.

  • Diva & Don Awardees - Alpha Tau Members: Dr. Keldo, Dr. Avadhani, and Dr. Hassler

    Congratulations to Dr. Linda J. Hassler, Dr. Avril Keldo, and Dr. Amita Avadhani as the Institute for Nursing 14th DIVA & DON Honorees

    "The Foundation of the New Jersey State Nurses Association honors men and women in nursing leadership across New Jersey who set high standards of excellence and make a notable difference in the lines of so many."

    Thank you for all you do for our profession, for our students, for our patients, and for our communities.  It is our honor to have you as Alpha Tau members. 

    Dr. Linda J. Hassler

    Dr. Avril Keldo

    Dr. Amita Avadhani

  • Congratulations to Dr. Jean W. Davis - Publication

    Alpha Tau congratulates Dr. Davis' selection to speak at Sigma 33rd International Nursing Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland; presentation titled: Characteristics of Veterans who Achieve Recommended Weekly Physical Activity.

    We also congratulate her for her recent publications: 

    Davis, J. W., Hyer, S., Xie, R., Martinez, V. C., Wheeler, J. M., Misra, D. P., Giurgescu, C. (in press 2022).  Physical activity changes among non-Hispanic Black pregnant women. Public Health Nursing https://doi.org/10.1111/phn.13051 


    Davis, J. W., McCracken, L., Eboh, R. N., Price, M., Lebo, L., Misra, D., Kavanaugh, K., Wilbur, J., &  Giurgescu, C. (2021). Views on exercise among Black women during pregnancy. JOGNN: Journal of  Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing50, 597-609. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jogn.2021.04.009 


    Davidson, P., LaManna, J., Davis, J. W., Ojeda, M., Hyer, S., Dickinson, J., Todd, A., Hammons, T., Fahim, S., McDaniel, C., McKee, C., Yehl, K., Litchman, M., Blanchette, & J., Kavookjian, J. (in press 2022). The effects of diabetes self-management education on quality of life for persons with type 1 diabetes: A systematic review of RCTs. The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care. (Print edition 4-2022). 

  • Congratulations to Dr. Aline M. Holmes - Publication

    Alpha Tau Chapter would like to congratulate Aline M. Holmes, DNP, RN, Clinical Associate Professor and Project Director of Clinical System at Rutgers University on her appointment to the NJ Advisory Commission on the Status of Women. Congratulations Dr. Holmes! 

  • Happy Holidays

    Alpha Tau wishes everyone 

  • Congratulations to Dr. Avadhani - Region 14 Coordinator!

    Alpha Tau Chapter is honored to have Dr. Amita Avadhani elected as the North America Region 14 Coordinator for the next Biennium. Region 14 holds about 37 SIGMA chapters in the states of New York and New Jersey. 

    As the new coordinator, Dr.  Avadhani can facilitate and guide your SIGMA chapters in a few ways:

    • Mentor, educate, and support chapter leaders.

    • Facilitate chapter-to-chapter networking and collaboration opportunities for your members within the region and within the Sigma organization.

    • Recognize and showcase chapters for the work they do.

    • Facilitate chapter strategic planning; work with a chapter's board of directors to create a strategic plan that will help the chapter create a clear path and have actions that can be implemented.

    • Advise and troubleshoot challenges chapters face in their day-to-day operations.
    Congratulations Dr. Avadhani on your new role. 

  • Congratulations to Dr. Keldo - Awardee

    We at Alpha Tau are pleased to announce that Dr. Avril Keldo has been awarded the Divisional Nurse Leader Award 2021 from the Organization of Nurse Leaders ( 0NL ).  Congratulations Dr. Keldo! 

  • Alpha Tau Chapter - Recipient of the 2021 CHAPTER KEY AWARD


    It is with great honor to announce that Alpha Tau Chapter was selected as Sigma's 2021 Chapter Key Award recipient.  Our chapter is now a two-time recipient of such award.  We at Alpha Tau Chapter would like to thank our board and members for contributing to our chapter's success.

    The past year was a challenging one. Without your support we would not be able to accomplish our goals and recognitions.  Once again thank you to all at Alpha Tau Chapter and Sigma, and congratulations. 

  • Congratulations Dr. Aluko, Dr. Avadhani, and Dr. Sensor - Speakers

    Our chapter is pleased to announce that Dr. Avadhani, Dr. Aluko, and Dr. Sensor were selected to present at Sigma's 46th Biennial Convention from November 6 to 10th at Indianapolis, Indiana. 

    Join us during our 46th Biennial event by registering at the link provided. 
  • Letter from the President

    Dear colleagues,

    My name is Eleni Pellazgu, and I am the newly elected President of the Alpha Tau Chapter. I have been so honored to serve as your president-elect over the past two years. I am excited to take over the reins as President and look forward to working with all of you in the coming two years.

    Over the years since graduation from the Rutgers MSN program, you all grew to be considered my family, my home, my brothers/sisters, and I am so excited to introduce you to our chapter and new board. I want to thank Dr. Donna Fountain and the outgoing members for their work and support.

    For the upcoming two-year term, I hope you all come together and continue to accomplish our continued goals in providing many scholarships for the nursing students and the newly graduates. We are also looking forward to providing excellent educational activities for all of us with prestigious speakers. We aim to continue with our robust mentorship program that has taken off and invite all of you to become mentors and mentees to each other. The main initiative is to continue our philanthropic endeavors benefiting local organizations.

    COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us. Still, we are to continue with our wonderful induction ceremonies for our new members and significant social events either in person or online.

    These goals can be achieved with everyone's help, input, and our board members' support.

    We welcome a few new and returning officers, including those who were newly elected:

    Vice President - Avril Keldo, Secretary - Sol Angélica Muñiz, Faculty Counselors - Dr. Barbara Canella and Dr. Tracy Vitale, Treasurer - Annie Pajaro,  and Member - Avril Keldo.

    Sherry Stein leads our Governance Committee.

    Our Leadership Succession Committee is headed by Dr. Donna Fountain 

    Lastly, our Mentorship program is groomed by Dr. Hila Aluko.

    Our 2023 President-elect is Dr. Kara Kaldawi and Dr. Amita Avadhami is a former President.

    We are looking for "new blood" to help us grow stronger and support our profession.

    Our classic events are our standard meetings accompanied by healthcare lecture series, research and educational events, Founders' Day Event in October, and our Annual Induction and Awards Ceremony in May.

    This great group of Alpha Tau Nurse Leaders is excited to serve you over the coming biennium.

    More to come. Please stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer.

    See you in the Fall!!

    Respectfully, Eleni Pellazgu, Chapter President

  • Congratulations to Sherry Stein

    We at Alpha Tau are very excited to share with all of you that our Past-President and current board member, Sherry Stein, MS, RN, APN, ACNP-BC will receive the prestigious Mary Anne Rooney Essence of Nursing Award. This award will be presented by the New Jersey Consortium STTI during our celebration of Founder's day on October 5th via an online ceremony.

  • Alpha Tau Chapter receives the Showcase of Regional Excellence Award!

    https://www.oneclickevents.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/We-Did-It.png CONGRATULATIONS ALPHA TAU!  

    The Alpha Tau Chapter is excited to announce that we have received the Showcase of Regional Excellence Award, demonstrating a commitment by Alpha Tau Chapter to Sigma President Riccardi's Infusing Joy Call to Action. Please see the attached award letter for more information.


Chapter Excellence

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Elena Pellazgu, PhDc, APN, RN, PCCN


Avril Keldo, DNP, MSN, ANP-BC, OCN
Additional Duties - Scholarship Committee Chair


Kara Kaldawi, PhD, RN
Additional Duties - Publicity Committee Chair - Newsletter


Sol Angelica Muñiz, MSN, RN, RPT
Additional Duties - Publicity Committee - Webmaster, Newsletter
- Scholarship Committee


Annie Pajaro, DNP, RN


Barbara Cannella, PhD, RNC, APN
Additional Duties - Archivist


Tracy Vitale, DNP, RNC-OB, C-EFM, NE-BC
Additional Duties - Governance Member 2

Governance Chair


Leadership Succession Chair

Donna Fountain, PhD, RN

Mentorship Chair

Hilda Aluko, DNP, APNC, FNP-BC

Leadership Suc. Member

Elsie J. Rivera, DNP, APN, FNP-C

Leadership Suc. Member

Nadine Atkan, PhD, RN, APN- BC

Electronic Delegate

Elena Pellazgu, PhDc, APN, RN, PCCN

Electronic Delegate

Donna Fountain, PhD, RN

House Delegate

Kara Kaldawi, PhD, RN

House Delegate

Avril Keldo, DNP, MSN, ANP-BC, OCN