Sigma Career Advisor

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Signup Deadline: Tue June 30,2020
Starts: Wed July 01,2020
Ends: Thu December 31,2020
Location: Online Opportunity


Career advisors are responsible for monitoring activities within the Career Advice Forum on The Circle, and providing assistance/guidance to other Sigma members, as it relates to their nursing career.

Advisors should keep the community active by identifying and posting relevant discussion topics, and ensuring members find value in the group.

Job Description:

• Play an active role in the recruitment and retention of group members.
• Monitor and encourage activity among participants.
• Post questions, scholarly articles, and discussion topics related to career growth and development.
• Ensure that any question posted by a member seeking career advice receives a response from another Sigma member or career advisor.

• Dedicate one hour per month to answering questions and following up with discussion threads in the Career Advice Forum.
• Post at least one new discussion topic per month, related to the topic of careers in the nursing industry.
• Subscribe to the Career Advice Forum Daily Digest OR Real-Time email.
• Maintain open and regular communication with Sigma staff.
• Have a working knowledge of The Circle (training provided upon request.)

Career Advisors will fill a six-month role. If you are interested in continuing as an advisor after the six months, you can complete another volunteer application to get credit for another term.

Volunteers Needed:

100 (90 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




Noelle Pickler