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The Beginning of Tau Omicron Chapter

At the request of the late Dean, Sister Mary Ludgera, a group of faculty was asked to assess the desire of faculty, alumni, and students to develop a Sigma Theta Tau Chapter at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. A strong desire by the college and alumni was identified and the steering committee was developed based on Sigma Theta Tau International guidelines.

The first Honor Society steering committee meeting was held in January, 2002.  Potential steering committee members were identified and the selection of potential inductees was discussed.  Kelly Jo Cone, RN, PhD was selected as the chairperson by the steering committee members. Meetings throughout 2002 continued to focus on establishing honor society bylaws, selecting potential inductees, and planning the induction. The steering committee consisted of college faculty, current students, and community nurse leaders.  The members were Kelly Jo Cone, Nancy Bailey, Paulette Archer, Kim Mitchell, Amy Hall, Lily Lee, Nancy Zander, Mary Brennan, Jennifer Harr, Carrie Ross, Courtney Knoblauch, and Cari Johnson.

Regular membership meetings have been held two times throughout the academic year. Each membership meeting begins with a business meeting that is followed by a presentation by a guest speaker.  Topics presented at the membership meetings have included utilization of research in practice, forensic nursing, development of a Stroke Network, missionary nursing in Haiti, nursing education in the United Kingdom and emergency room nursing care of patients who have been sexually abused. Regular communication is maintained with all members through emails or mailings.

The board would like to thank the late Sister Mary Ludgera for her constant support and vision in the establishment of this honor society. We certainly miss her, but administration and faculty plan to carry out her mission of excellence in nursing education