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  • Clinical Instructor and Preceptor Workshop

    September 11, 2021
    No Cost!  Open to all nurses!
  • Psi-at-Large Election Results for the 2021-23 Biennium & ongoing Chapter Member help needed!

    Thank you to all of those who participated in the voting for the 2021 Psi-at-Large board elections. The results are in! Please welcome these Psi-at-Large members for the 2021-23 Biennium*:

    **President: Anne Mulligan (assuming presidency from President-Elect role in 2020-21)

    Newly elected:
    Vice-President: Erin-Joy Bjorge
    Secretary: Linda Trader
    Treasurer: Pam George
    Leadership Succession Committee: Andrea Sehmel, Beth Gill, & Julie Gardner (one-year term)

    Many thanks to our 2020-21 Leadership Succession Committee (Andrea Sehmel, Beth Gill, & Julie Gardner who have all been elected to a second term!) for their hard work in recruiting this year's elected board members!

    Psi-at-Large needs your help! 
    The growth and sustainability of the chapter depends on the willingness of ANY active members to take on leadership roles. If you are looking to develop your own nursing leadership goals, this is an excellent opportunity to step into a role that will help you move forward. If you are a retired, active member looking for ways to continue contributing to Psi-at-large and the nursing profession, we would love to be in touch with you too! Please reach out to us at information@psiatlarge.org

    Non-elected committee positions open:

    Governance Committee members: This committee oversees bylaws compliance, make recommendations for bylaws changes and oversee member and chapter
    eligibility issues. Any chapter member is welcome to join this committee and it is a good way to begin to understand the inner workings of Sigma and Psi-at-large chapter.

    Communications Committee members: Develops chapter newsletters, promotes chapter events, manage/develop social media platforms. This group would love to recruit more members to help with continued development of this committee; especially looking for more members to continue to expand our social media presence and better utilize available platforms.

    Finance Committee Chair/members: Work with the Treasurer to develop budget and provide fiscal oversight and management of chapter funds. Meets ad hoc per discretion of committee chair and treasurer.

    Programs Committee members: This committee plans and executes the yearly programs for the chapter. If you love to plan events and parties and you have ideas for relevant events for Psi-at-Large, this is the committee for you! The amount of involvement from members is directly proportional to the number and variety of events that the chapter can provide so this committee would love more member involvement.