Chapter Induction Materials From STTI



TTI has resources to support your chapter’s induction ceremonies, including many NEW items! Please read through each item to ensure that you utilize all available resources.







Sent Directly to You or Sent on Your Behalf

Mailed Invitation and Candidate Brochure

As mentioned in SPARK, your chapter should begin the recruitment process well before the candidate is eligible to join. In doing so, you will have well-informed individuals who are eager to accept the invitation to become a member. 

Once you have recruited eligible candidates, you will be inviting them to be inducted as members of STTI and your chapter. Your chapter creates a new induction, uploads candidate lists, and issues email invitations through the Online Induction System. It is the responsibility of the chapter counselor to manage that process, but there are many resources available.

After your chapter delivers the electronic invitation through the system, STTI headquarters will mail a copy of the message to your candidates. This mailing includes a candidate brochure, pictured on the left, which includes member testimonials and details some of the international-level benefits candidates will be able to take advantage of as members. 


Membership Cards and Certificates - In a NEW Holder!
Candidates who accept and pay for membership will become new members after the induction ceremony. At the time of induction, inductees are honored with a membership card and certificate. The induction contact, set in the Online Induction System, will receive all of the cards and certificates attached to each other. The contact person will also receive a certificate holder so that the certificate can be inserted and displayed. Your chapter can choose to insert the certificates on behalf of the inductees or hand the certificate to the inductees along with the holder. 

Accommodations can be made for chapters that are going to have a virtual induction and therefore are unable to present the inductees with their cards and certificates. Please contact

Candidates who accept membership after the induction ceremony will receive their materials at their primary address.


Please note:
Inductees will no longer receive an induction folder at the time of induction. Previously, this folder was delivered with the cards and certificates and presented to new inductees during the ceremony. 

Instead, new inductees will receive a New Member's Guide to STTI, pictured on the left. This guide will be mailed to their home address approximately 30 days after the induction, so it is important that new members update their contact information if they will be moving after the induction ceremony. This comprehensive guide includes all the benefits they will be able to take advantage of as a new member.

Induction Handout

This sheet will be sent to the induction contact prior to the induction ceremony. The handout provides a historical perspective on the organization and indicates the importance of getting involved right away. 

By handing this sheet to all your induction guests, they will understand the honor of being inducted into STTI and the benefits available by getting and staying involved. 

Extras of this handout can be printed by your chapter from the All Chapter Officers workgroup. There are two sizes available: 8.5 x 11 and A4. 

Available for Download

There are also many items available for you to download as needed. These materials will allow your chapter to follow organizational brand standards without having to do the work yourself! Sign in to the All Chapter Officers workgroup in The Circle to download all chapter leader resources, including the following related to your induction:

PowerPoint Script and Slides
STTI is really excited about the new design of the Induction PowerPoint template!

Use these resources to create an induction ceremony that matches the professional quality of other STTI events and membership collateral, without having to spend a lot of extra time. 

Be sure to edit the slides that pertain to the chapter experience so that inductees and their guests understand the value and benefits of belonging to your chapter. 

Induction Program Template

Create a simple but nice printed program for a small, medium, or large induction ceremony. The back pages allow you to recognize your candidates by copying and pasting their names into this template. The "small" template accommodates up to 20 candidate names, the "medium" template will allow for about 50 names, and the "large" template will accept almost 250 names! The pages can be duplicated, so you can have as many pages and names as you need. 

This Word document also allows your chapter to include a title page with your name and information as well as a schedule of events. It uses the STTI logo and color 
palette, so you don't have to create your own design. 

Sample Invitations and Additional Messaging

Building and maintaining relationships with potential members will take a lot of communication! There are samples of messages to send before the induction, invitation samples, and reminder-message templates. 

If you have questions about any of the above materials, please email You can also check the Chapter Leader Calendar to see upcoming webinars related to induction, or request a one-on-one meeting or training with STTI staff by completing the Consultation Request Form

If you have questions for other chapter leaders (e.g., "What has been your most successful recruitment event?" or "Are your inductions virtual or inperson?"), please post them in the All Chapter Officers workgroup discussion forum. You can also use the All Chapter Officers workgroup to share your chapter's templates and successes.