Eta Pi Chapter Blood Drive


Thank you to all who donated to our Fall 2018 Blood Drive!  We collected 18 Units of blood and recruited new donors.
See below for the information for our next blood drive.

Spring 2019 Blood Drive - Eta Pi / Sigma International Honor Society of Nursing 

  • Monday, April 11, 2019
  • 12:00 Noon - 3:30pm
  • Mobile blood donation center, parked on Algoma Blvd. in front of Reeve Union on UWO campus
  • Appointment to donate:  
    •  (Search on zipcode 54901 and the date of the blood drive, select the UW Oshkosh Blood Drive at Reeve)
    • OR call (800) 280-4102
  • Contact Jeanne Hiatt ( to sign up to volunteer to help with the drive

Save 3 lives with 1 blood donation!

  • Before your appointment: (for several days prior to donation)
    • Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses per day)
    • Eat healthy meals and boost your iron by incorporating iron-rich foods into your diet
    • Sleep well the night before
    • Day of donation:
      • Eat a good meal or substantial snack before donating
      • Drink plenty of water the day of donation (6-10 glasses)
      • Avoid caffeine (this can be dehydrating)
      • Wear a short-sleeved shirt or loose, comfortable clothing
      • Bring a photo ID
      • Bring a list of your medications, and the dates of recent vaccinations
      • Know your travel history (year travelled, countries where you travelled)

Donor Eligibility

  • Must be at least 17 years of age 
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Be in general good health
  • Hemoglobin level:
    • Women 12.5 mg/L
    • Men 13.0 mg/L
  • For more information about blood donation: click here