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Network and Engage with the LGBTQ+ Health Community!

  • 1.  Network and Engage with the LGBTQ+ Health Community!

    Posted 21 days ago

    Hello Sigma Members! Thanks for being a part of Sigma's LGBTQ+ Health community and for contributing to the important discussions taking place.

    I'd like to introduce you to the current facilitators, @Fuchsia Alston-Highsmith, @Haileigh MacLeod, @Erik McIntosh, and @Joe Varela III who will ensure there is regular conversation for you to participate in regarding complementary and integrative health approaches in nursing.

    Now tell us about you! If you are new to this community take a few moments to introduce yourself. Tell your fellow Sigma members more about you and your interest in complementary health approaches. (You can reply to this thread directly from your email, or navigate to the thread in the community and select the "reply" button.)

    If you have already introduced yourself, feel free to start a new discussion thread at any time! We look forward to reading your questions and comments regarding this topic. Just click the "Add" button from the Discussions area:

    Thanks for your continued participation in this community! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of the group facilitators. Access this list to view other topic based communities you can join. 


    If you're interested in serving as a volunteer Community of Interest facilitator, view the Sigma Volunteer Opportunities page for available opportunities.  ​​​

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