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Applications for 2023-24 LGBT Health Policy & Practice Class Now Being Accepted at George Washington University

  • 1.  Applications for 2023-24 LGBT Health Policy & Practice Class Now Being Accepted at George Washington University

    Posted Mon February 13,2023 07:56 PM

    Applications for 2023-24 LGBT Health Policy & Practice Class Now Being Accepted

    The LGBT Health Policy & Practice Program (LGBTHP&P) is a unique graduate certificate program with an action-oriented focus on expanding the capacity of health practitioners to serve LGBTQ+ people and improve outcomes and close disparities within the population. The program has been a hybrid online/short residency model since its inception, delivering a high-quality distance-learning experience since 2013. LGBTHP&P is a U.S. Department of Education designated Gainful Employment Program, eligible for federal student loans.

    Improve your Knowledge and Professional Capacity

    ·       Designed for health professionals who work with actual clients, patients, students, or in health care systems that deliver their care

    ·       Applied focus puts research to work – students aren't just "taking x more classes"

    ·       Understand multidisciplinary perspectives from public health, public policy, international development, mental health, social work, education, nursing and medical science

    ·       Expand your ability to offer highly effective services to the LGBTQ+ population

    Advance your Career

    ·       18-credit, graduate level, practice-relevant, career-enhancing credential

    ·       Set yourself apart as trained to cultivate inclusivity and serve diverse populations

    ·       Superb sub-concentration to Masters or Doctoral degrees

    ·       Great for post-Baccalaureate students involved in grassroots advocacy or deciding their next pathway - but know they want to work with LGBTQ+ populations.

    ·       Capstone projects achieve actual impact for your community, employer, and stakeholders

    Expand your Networks

    ·       Residencies put you face-to-face with decision-makers on Capitol Hill and the White House

    ·       Meet and form lasting relationships with giants in LGBTQ+ health research and policy

    ·       Take advantage of our extensive Program network of alumni, faculty, and allied partners

    ·       Hybrid on-campus/online format means you can network and learn from a distance when you need to

    Student Testimonials

    Click here to view a brief video of LGBTHP&P alumni discussing their careers since graduation.

    "I could not be happier with my decision to enroll in the LGBT Health Policy and Practice Graduate Program. I have developed mature and specialized skills in working with LGBT clients that set me apart from my colleagues and provided me with opportunities that advanced my career." ~Shelley Marfori, '19

    "This certificate has given me credibility with the parents of queer youth that I am working with. It legitimizes both the LGBTQ community and the work I do." ~Sarah Westendorff, '18

    "As a non-profit leader working in LGBT health promotion, I enrolled in the program because I wanted to better understand how to put theory into practice when it comes to LGBT health. This program was immensely helpful for my professional career and for the growth of my organization." ~Adrian Shanker, '17

    "My participation in the program and growing expertise in the field has helped me achieve tangible success as I fight to ensure LGBTQ youth receive the health education they so desperately need and deserve!" ~Chris Obermeyer, '15

    LGBT Health Policy & Practice classes begin with Summer session on June 19, 2023.

    Applying for Admission can be done on our website. Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed as they are received. Earlier applications receive greater consideration. The final application deadline is May 1, 2023.

    Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid are available. Program students are eligible for federal student loans through the U.S. Department of Education. Please see the Scholarship and Financial Assistance section of our website for details:

    To learn more about the LGBT HP&P Program, visit or e-mail us at

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