Chapter Announcements

  • Showcase of Regional Excellence

    ​The Theta Delta Chapter has been awarded the Showcase of Regional Excellence, based on our Chapter's work towards President Beth Baldwin Tigges' call-to-action, specifically related to the areas of Connect, Collaboration, and Catalyze!

    Keep up the Good Work!
  • Membership Benefits

    Just for being a member, you have access to over 90 free continuing nursing education (CNE) courses! Let Sigma help you meet licensure requirements and stay at the top of your game by completing courses like “Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse,” “Dealing With Difficult Patients and Families,” and “Legal Risks as a Nurse.”

    Visit the Sigma Marketplace to access these courses. 

    Log in using your email address and STTI password (Your member number will also work as a password.). Once you are signed in, the price will change to reflect that it is free to you, as an active member.
  • Montgomery Children's Specialty Center

    We have selected Montgomery Children's Specialty Center as our outreach project for this upcoming year. We would love donations of toiletries added to the box located near the stairs at AUSON (it is labeled). We will be gathering any type of toiletries to be given to help the children of this facility. In honor of Founder's Day in October we will be packaging all these items to deliver.
  • Vice President

    We are so pleased to announce that Sadie Mason will be the Vice President for the Theta Delta Chapter through 2020 and eventually move into the roll of President over the next few years.