2020 Research Day Call for Abstracts

Starts:  Jan 15, 2020 9:10 PM (CT)
Ends:  Mar 4, 2020 9:10 PM (CT)
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Iota Tau/Sigma Theta Tau Undergraduate & Graduate Awards

Awarded annually at CUCON Pinning Ceremonies.

Award Criteria: A certificate and monetary gift ($50 for individual or $25 per person for the group) is presented to undergraduate and/or graduate students (BSN, MSN or DNP) for exemplary research and scholarship.  Student(s) will be selected by a vote of the Undergraduate and Graduate Faculty.

Joan Norris Mentorship Award

Nominations are due annually in March (same timeline as Iota Tau Research Day abstract submissions); Click here (Links to an external site.) to find nomination deadline.

Award Criteria: The Iota Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society recognizes the crucial role that mentoring plays in the academic and professional development of nurses. A mentor offers expertise and encouragement while supporting the next generation of nurses and promoting the development of experienced nurses toward greater advancement, innovation, and excellence in their practice. In 2012, Iota Tau established the Dr. Joan Norris Mentorship Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution in mentoring students, faculty, and numerous other nurses.  Dr. Norris has been instrumental in many nurses’ understanding of nursing theory and their subsequent nursing research endeavors.

The Dr. Joan Norris Mentorship Award is presented annually at Research Day to a nurse who has been nominated by those whom he or she has mentored.

Submission Process: Draft a nomination of a qualified nurse mentor that has impacted you. Include the nurse mentor's name, credentials, and contact information. In 1000 words (or less), describe how the nurse has been a mentor to you or others.  Include specific examples of the nurse’s impact on your education or career. Nominations may be submitted here during any semester, so long as it is prior to the annual deadline (Links to an external site.)

Sigma Membership (Iota Tau Chapter (Links to an external site.))

Graduate student invitations are sent annually in July/August to graduate students who have advanced at least 1/4 of the way through their curriculum and if have met the qualifications the below qualifications. Note: Students in graduate programs who are registered nurses, legally recognized to practice in their country and have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field, shall be eligible to be considered as a Nurse Leader at any point in the program. 

Graduate Student Qualifications: Student must have: completed 1/4 of the nursing curriculum. achieved academic excellence(a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5, and meets the expectation of academic integrity. If you believe you met these qualifications but do not believe you received an invitation, contact an Iota Tau Chapter counselor (Links to an external site.)

Nurse Leader Candidates must: be legally recognized to practice nursing in their country, have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field, and demonstrate achievement in nursing. If you believe you have met this criteria and would like to be considered for membership, you may apply or request a current Sigma member to nominate you. To learn more and apply, contact an Iota Tau Chapter counselor (Links to an external site.).

Current Sigma members: may transfer or add chapter membership at any time. The Iota Tau Chapter encourages you to consider this - we would love to have you join us! More information about this can be found here (Links to an external site.).

Winifred J. Ellenchild Pinch Research Award 

Call for submissions goes out in April/May; Applications due in August; Awarded annually in September.

If interested in learning more about this award, and to be notified when applications open,  contact an Iota Tau Chapter leader (Links to an external site.)

Award Purpose/Description: To encourage research by qualified nurses and/or nursing students conducting research to advance knowledge in the area of nursing science.  Candidate selection is competitive based on the quality of the written proposal, the contribution of the proposed research to nursing science and public benefit, and value to the education of nurses. Quantitative/qualitative research and research utilization projects will be considered for this award. Fund allocation of up to $1,000 is based on the scientific merit of the project submitted.  The chapter reserves the right to allocate funds to more than one applicant.

 Research Award Submission Guidelines: The Iota Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International grants this award to nurses on a competitive basis to help defray the expenses associated with the conduct and utilization of nursing research projects. Applications are judged through blind review.  Completed research is not eligible for funding.

Any Iota Tau member may compete for this award with the exception of the Creighton College of Nursing’s Research Committee members who reviews the applications.  If a graduate student wishes to submit an application, he/she is encouraged to notify his/her faculty or project advisor prior to submission to assist with the application and review the proposal.

If awarded, the graduate student must:

    1. Accept responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project or study.
    2. Expend the funds as described in the proposal, and return any unused funds to the treasurer of Iota Tau.
    3. Complete the project in a two-year time Allowance for an extension will  be considered on an individual basis
    4. Send a written final report of the study and expenditure of funds to the Iota Tau Board.
    5. Acknowledge the grant support by Iota Tau chapter in any publications or presentations of the
    6. Submit an abstract for a paper or poster presentation and present it if approved at the Iota Tau Research Day within one year of completing the research.
    7. Present the research at a membership meeting if invited to do so.
    8. Provide the stamped IRB approval for the Dissemination of funds is contingent on receiving this approval.